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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sinks off the coast of korea. up the middle and a base hit. and this one is finally over. >> we'll have the end to a giant's game that lasted way past midnight. >> good wednesday morning to you. mostly clear to kick off your wednesday in san jose. same clear sky. patchy fog out there. we have a roller coaster weather ride to take you on. same clear sky here. the road not so much. the lights are on here. and what is slowing you down as well. >> and taking a live look outside. it is wednesday april 16th and this is today in the bay.
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search and rescue crews are desperately trying to find passengers. good morning. the sound korean navy divers are looking at 90 feet of depth here. almost 460 people many of which are teens that started sinking.
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almost 300 are missing. some were hoisted by helicopters. it is considered to be the hawaiian island of south korea. it issued a distress call. another passenger said it was impossible to escape. the food and entertainment was below deck. you can see the photos were provided by the u.s. military.
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they have several roto aircraft and helicopters deploying to the scene. this operation has been going on for a half a day now. you are still looking at actually 291 people many of them students missing. if you saw the people in the blankets you can see how cold the water is. >> it happened so wrapidly. it starts to lift, so people had the time to get out. it is more of an issue were they above deck or be low. >> we are hearing the entertainment level was at the bottom deck as well. the lead vehicle flying a russian flag.
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soldier says they have switched to the side of the pro russian forces. today secretary of state, john kerry is going to head overseas to diffuse the situation. >> massive fire was sparked in a historic building in san francisco. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. the flames shot through the roof. nine people are getting help in the red cross. no one was hurt. you may wind up on national television. ♪ bad boys what you want, what you want, what you gonna do ♪ >> we wall know the song, san jose about to be featured on the tv show, "cops" and it has
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people divided on whether or not it is good for the city's image. you were saying you hear the music and you know you are about to see a foot chase. >> reporter: that's right. we have seen the foot chase and the on going neighbor disputes it will be interesting to see what they come up with. the department believes that having the popular show here can help boost the city's moral. >> you were having a drink here? >> why you running? is you don't have a license how old are you? >> why are you running that seems to always be the question on the show. if you run into police, you might find a camera crew with them. this is the first time in the show's 26 year history that they
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are filming here in san jose. there is a benefit here and it could have a positive impact on police recruiting. the ranks keep declining. there are 400 officers in 2008 to just over 1,000 now. officers are leaving over the pension reform battle. but apparently quite a few are excited about this and have signed up to volunteer. they are saying they expect them not to freeze up or ham it up but to just act natural. reporting live. for today in the bay. >> some of the characters that are pulled over if you see the show, you kind of get sucked in. >> you do. and it is absolutely, you know it is one of those things and you can't believe how it developed and somehow people end up in various states of being
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disrobed. you wonder how it happens. it is sort of a strange show. >> thanks a lot. >> a san jose neighborhood says a leak is leaking water. in san jose, neighbors say it started as a she inch crack and since then it has grown about three feet. the video shows the situation here. the asphalt around it is starting to buckle. it is soft now. the neighborhood is not too far from the mall. it is aware of the problem and it will fix the leak some time today. >> the leak happened when more cities are imposing mandatory water restrictions. livermoore is making people cut their outdoor water use by more than 50%. people who don't will get water
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use more. after that their water service could get cut off. >> first up. we have to show you this. beautiful sunrise. lovely start to this mid week wednesday. >> we might get that rainfall as we head into next wednesday. overall we are staying nice and dry tuntil that point. always be water conscious you don't want to leave it running. nice and full you are conserving energy in the long run. 53 degrees in san francisco. we are starting out chilly here in the south bay. pull out that jacket, maybe a light sweater will do for this morning. we are expecting changes for today. it is nice and clear out there. we are going to climb by 35 degrees as we get that offshore
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flow for the day. as we head into the day, the low clouds will turn and it will be cooler. today temperatures will nudge up by 5 degrees. that means 80s are back on the map. places in the east bay. i'm talking to you. 78 degrees nice cool breeze for you. 79 in the south bay. san francisco for today, try valley looking good to hit the mid 80s. 82 degrees and 76 degrees today in the east bay. so i've been promising you events we'll have that coming up. right now you want to check your drive? >> it is wednesday. how we looking so far. the toll plaza is showing that first burst as we have seen it throughout the period where schools have spring breaks.
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this is the only thing that was unexpected. it jams up to highway 92. it has cleared and started to recover. lighter volume overall subtle there we'll send it back to you. thanks mike. >> talking giant's baseball this morning and if you were at that game, maybe you are sleeping in
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the giants finally got the win against the dodgers. very tired giants fans home. game is 3-2. pregame coverage starts at 7:00. that starts at 5:00 and 6:00. and doing well. especially when that comes as well. still ahead. one runs aground. new overnight video to show you next. we have new details about that suspect under arrest.
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here is a look at today's top storyies. ferry is now fully under water many missing. many say they have evidence that he kidnapped and murder ed girl. he has pleaded not guilty.
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the popular reality show "cops" is riding along with police for three months. officials believe that appearing in the show will boost moral. >> unmanned submarine has started it's second search of the ocean floor. officials say this sub will likely stay in the indian ocean for three hours. the sub can create a three dimensional sonar map on the sea floor. new video to show you this morning. the coast guard says winds reached up to 70 miles per hour
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none of the ships were baddy dama badly damaged. >> lawyers for tsarnaev want charges dropped. they claim many charges are redundant and want them flown out. he pleaded not guilty to 30 count indictment. three people were killed 260 others were hurt. >> this is video posted on instagram, police say he is a 25-year-old man from a boston
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suburb. authorities stopped him because they say he was acting suspiciously. he had a rice cooker in his backpa backpack. that pack and another bag were blown up. >> today, students will return to class for the first time since 22 people were stabbed. four students are still in the hospital. teen is being charged as an adult. motive is still under investigation. former new york mayor is shelling out big bucks. he plans to spend $50 million alone to get guns off the street and throughout the country.
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he created a group and will host a number of kick off events. you can see him on the "today" show. giving you a live look outside. >> giving you different views throughout the bay area. >> you made it to wednesday and more great weather coming your way. it is going to be warmer. i want to let you know that right off the bat. the tri valley temperatures today are going to end up in the low to mid 80s. keep that in mind as we head throughout the rest of the bay area. we are looking good. little bit of patchy fog.
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those temperatures right now are in the 50s. colder than yesterday morning. they are going to climb into the 70s and low 80s. that will bring in those coastal clouds. around 7:00 we get dark around 8:00 at night. 79 in the south bay. the peninsula, 82 in the east bay and meanwhile 69, the microchimicr microclimates all across the area. temperatures start across the bay. i promised you some events. let's get to the first one. it is free for you and the kids
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and you want to go to union and golf. 62 degrees out there. 67 at 4:00 p.m. we'll tell you what happened in the south bay. >> let's check out that contest. over here 92 across the bridge. moves very sleumoothly. little haze in the air. we'll show you south of there. around the bay we are looking at a good flow of traffic. typical pattern slowing from 880. around the south bay, sante fe unified is off this week. we hope that continues with lighter volume on the freeways.
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the car took a while to clear from the lanes that looked to the shoulder. all the way back to san lorenzo. now in toward martinez over to the westbound highway 4, this disabled dump truck. it has taken awhile yet, this is not even heading toward the bridge. we will watch for that. highway 4 meanwhile down toward the bay bridge live look at the toll plaza shows you no problem. looking off to the left, the lights are on. back to you. >> 6:21 a welcome change in san francisco. there is a good chance that
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parking at meters on sunday could soon be free. $10 million a year. the budget must be approved by a board of supervisors. it will be free starting in yard line. we have video of prince george as well. >> plus. >> can you imagine being on that? >> terrified tour an out-of-control carriage. restaurant employees took the reigns and stopped a run away horse. >> port of oakland here looking at this beautiful shot. nice colors there for your sunrise. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this gorgeous couple here. the royals have arrived in australia. they arrived in sydney today. the prime minister was there to meet them and they were whisked off to the opera house for a
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welcome reception. looking fabulous. >> they couldn't stop him. much of the incident caught on various cameras in georgia. the women and children were riding in the carriage it crashed into five vehicles. the operator was thrown from the coach but we haven't been able to find out how she is doing today. the tourists managed to jump out. workers managed to calm it down with some carrots. >> you forget they can be spooked. it got frightened by something. >> that is right. 6:26. still ahead an update to a
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developing story. helicopters plus dozens on a sinking ferry. plus another chance to own google glass. we'll tell you about the one day only sale may be extended. that is right. taking a look. popular destination there. we'll be right back after this quick break.
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an incredible rescue effort a ferry sinks with hundreds of people onboard. temperatures dive and then we warm you back up for easter weekend. we'll take you through the changes in moments. >> live camera reports new debris for the south bay.
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looking live at the opening bell. this is today in the bay. bringing good luck. let's hope. this is today in the bay. good wednesday morning to you. we've got an update on that developing story off the coast of south korea. where thenearly 300 people are missing. these is video of those rescue effort efforts right now. many people were trapped inside the fer dwry when it sank.
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>> we'll have a live update in about 15 minutes. soldiers switching sides. the eastern part of ukraine. this as secretary of state, with the latest details on this. appears to be a land grab. it is and it is getting complicated too. as you said, we had reports this morning that there were soldiers riding into ten cities that have been taken into russian sources. saying there were soldiers that had switched sides. they had been sending in tanks and troops trying to fight the anti-terror crack down. there is chaos going on in the ten cities where ukraine is trying to fight to keep their land.
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this is the topic of discussion. he is heading out today the meeting tomorrow with the european union and with russia's foreign minister. all four sit down together while they hope diplomacy will work. that is what many people are hoping for. they rely on russia for natural gas. what are they do iing to make ts work? >> they are sending natural gas and so almost a third of the natural gas to europe there are tricky ties energy ties here as they meet tomorrow and try to work this out.
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looking live over san jose this morning. look at that forecast for today. not bad. when you have lived here for a while you call it san jose. 51 degrees right now. comfortable conditions it is not too cold out there. cooler 24 hours ago. you can see here from our live camera patchy fog but mostly clear. it was windy overnight but that wind has started to relax and you can see that here. representative of that calmer wind as well. we are headed towards the upper 60s for today.
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79 degrees today. in the south bay. so temperatures are going to be all over the place. overall not too bad or not too hot or cold. 82 in the north bay. in the tri valley. i promised you i would tell you about the changes coming into the easter holiday. i want to show you the trend. they will stay nice and cool. as we get into easter sunday. 77 degrees, we will warm you right back up. parade happening at noon. good time out there. 65 degrees, make sure you bring your sunscreen. let's check that drive here is mike. >> the weather bubble around you. looking here toward the maze and a bay bridge approach.
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westbound moving smoothly. but it was eastbound away from the toll plaza. reports of a large, lazy boy chair in the lanes. the map will show you the toll plaza as well. we have volume continuing to build here. and exactly 5:56. and we are looking here toward the maze. off of highway 24. we have slowing southbound in swor toward union city. all lanes clear but that set it off. that is the worst of it. the earlier stalled big rig. 680 that has cleared from the roadway. there is a report of a stall across that westbound direction. it was west 92 near the high
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rise where you see traffic moving smoothly here. that one day sale of google glass. plus lettuce in space. well done. >> and looking live at the trance america building downtown. beautiful picture. midway through the week we'll be right back after the quick break.
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6:37. look at this. up 100 points good news here out of china. that is a big boost. welcome sight this morning up over 100 points. here is a look at some of the changes. multiple choice questions will have four answer choits ces insd of five.
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students will have to prove they understand the test. the questions do not fully reflect the test. if you are dieing to get your hands on a pair of those google glasses they are considering to extend the sale of those glasses after such high demand. the cotton white version sold out. >> here we go again. l o lettu let lettuce in space. at tr astronauts an plant it inside the space station. the seeds were supposed to go up on a rocket this past monday but that launch was rescheduled for
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monday. >> and plus they eat packaged food. 6:40. if you get arrested in san jose you could wind up on national television. >> people trapped inside as a ferry sinks off the coast of south korea. most of the people onboard are high school students. you know that saying nothing good happens after midnight that is coming up next.
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sounds like a good time to talk about giant's baseball.
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this is the home field right now. the game didn't wrap up until 12:15 this morning. up the middle and a base hit and this one is finally over. it was late. they hit that single bringing in the game winning run. 3-2. the game lasts five hours. it was the manager's birthday today. >> this is inside the ball park. these are the die-hard fans clearing out of the the game ended. getting a chance to spray down the field. that happened at 12:30 this morning. look at the sea gulls looking at
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that popcorn. they play the dodgers tonight. plus we'll have live updates at 5:00 and 6:00. >> all right not only the giants but the a's victorious in an extra inning thriller. tied up at 9:00. doubled at home. they held onto beat the angels 10-9. time to check the forecast. san jose. san francisco, yeah. there you have it. look at that. what a beautiful look this morning. you make out the top. christina joins us with a look at that forecast. 6:45 now.
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temperatures are going to drop off. we'll bring those numbers back up as we get into that all important easter weekend. we'll see on shore flow redevelop as we head throughout the night. we are starting out nice and clear. they are happy about that big win last night. it is better when we beat the dodgers. that means that the air is
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moving. we are headed towards the 70s. temperatures are going to dive. 68 degrees for friday and we burst those numbers back up as we head to the holiday weekend. here is the deal though. chocolate starts to melt. it depends on how that chocolate starts to melt at 68 degrees. nobody likes a melted chocolate bunny. i'll be honest with you. i know that.
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over here that is where those exits are. moving smoothly. look at the map and i'll show you where it is. there is a report of the bus. a bus on fire would be a huge d distraction. so far no slowing through the area. and a lighter flow. smooth drive in.
6:49 am
early crash started the back up there. looking nice across the bridge. earlier stall looks like it is clear. no problems and no drama toward the bay bridge t, 101 here university avenue easy flow between here and the city back to you. >> all right thanks. right now a developing story in south korea where a ferry has overturned sending hundreds of people into the chilly water.
6:50 am
today in the bay joins us in the studio. several miles off the coast line. these are the last video images to be taken of this vessel as it is submerged water vessel. four people are confirmed bed. as their ship lifted heavily into one side. others picked up the ships. you can see them bundled in blankets. only 54 degrees. some survivors they saw their
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loved ones were still missing again. this wassen route to the island. wednesday morning local time the ship tilted heavily and it crashed into something. the quickly began to go into the water. the south korean navy has yet to find anyone dead or alive. the u.s. navy is also assisting in the operation. and helicopters as you can see the photos provided by the navy. they are there to find anyone who might still be alive. expecting that number of dead to rise given that the ship has sunk and some are still missing.
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>> the activity center of the boat and the entertainment center was on the bottom of the boat. >> yes, it could have been crowded and you can do the math the common sense here, if something happens on the bottom of the boat, the water is going to fill in there first. that could be the reason why survivors could be trapped in low. >> also combat vehicles have arrived in eastern ukraine. this is an area that is occupied by pro russia insurgents. they have switched over to the side of pro russian forces. john kerry is going to be heading overseas to help to diffuse the situation.
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>> man accused of killing teen should be back in court today. they are evidence that torres kidnapped and murdered the 15-year-old in 2012. lamar are disappeared in march of 2012. fbi agents will be interviewing san francisco board members this week. he served on the san francisco board before he was elected to the state senate. another key figure in that case has pleaded not guilty to
6:54 am
charges of money laundering. fire investigators say the massive fire was an accident. san francisco fire department says a hot or smoldering project ignited and quickly spread. luckily no one was hurt in that fire but tremendous amount of water was used to put it out and it was massive. >> special meeting will be held tod today. upgrade work was scheduled to be done on the line this year. the work will help determine the
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safest operating pressure. the work will be held in the church in san carlos. >> a leak is wasting water in the midst of a brought. neighbors say it started as a three inch crack on sunday. it has grown to at least three feet. neighbors say the asphalt around it feels like carpet padding. neighbors not far from the mall from the water company says it is aware of the problem and it will fix the leak today. if you get arrested you could end up on national television. ♪ bad boys what you want, what you want what you gonna do ♪ >> that music is now in your head today. >> san jose is about to be featured on the tv show "cops".
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people are divided on whether it is a good or bad idea. when are they going to start it. >> reporter: well, we are told that they just started it. this is the first time that they are filming here in san jose. they say that the exposure could be a benefit. >> how old are you? >> seems leak someone is always running on that show. >> two crews will follow patrol units around. and that is going on for the next ten weeks.
6:57 am
it could also help with rethroughouting nrecrui recruiting new officers. force of 1400 officers in 2008 is now down to just over 1,000 police officers in part due to the pension reform fight that is going on and other decisions that could impact an officer's bottom line here. and have already col vvolunteer be filmed. they expect that they will act natural as they normally do. >> and naturally if you can, several fcameras and a light bo. it will be interesting to see, when we drive in, in the morning, it is early. and you see strange things others will see those as well. >> thank you. absolutely. >> san jose police may be
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getting extra help on the streets from santa clara sheriff's deputies. police academy only filled half of the slots in it's recent class. it will be used to pay for help from the sheriff's department:all right getting a last look at your forecast. >> good morning to you. you made it to wednesday. at this time tomorrow it will be closer to the weekend. but for today, conditions looking good. 51 degrees in the east bay. 53 in san francisco. as you are making your way around that final bend of the workweek temperatures are going to drop off tomorrow. maybe you have the kids at home with you. today is a great day to do so. warmer conditions today. temperatures pretty mild. 82 east bay and if you missed
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the easter events for your city. have no worries we will cover them for you. let's check the drive. >> how you doing? i'm looking for smoke. we are talking about 101 southbound. i don't see any. looking at the map southbound there reports of a vta bus on fire. even the driver got out and we don't see slowing. that is going to add to it and a lot of schools are on vacation this week. tough drive down towards the bridge. we had a crash that set things off there. lighter flow and an easier build, no major problems down the east shore. live look out there shows you a smooth flow of traffic. that is a good flow of traffic.
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that is right. it is a great one out there. we hope you have a great day. we'll see you back here in 25 minutes for a local news update. good morning. breaking news overnight. a crowded ferry sinks off the coast of south korea. at least four people are deds dead and nearly 400 are missing. and a frantic rescue operation is now under way. security scare. boston police detonate two suspicious backpacks near the scene of last year's terror attack. this morning, what we're learning about the man who was taken into custody at the scene. this is spring. the unusual cold snap that has millions waking up to record low temperatures. and in some parts of the northeast, a fresh coating of snow. and good day, mates.


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